Sunday, 20 December 2009

Copping Out In Copenhagen

Oh, how the symmetry of the thing is admirable. The cloying sugar-water substancelessness of the Copenhagen summit fits Harper's "Conservatives" perfectly: it was a pseudo-event that produced a pseudo-pact that can now be marketed as something meaningful by a pseudo-government.

And the game's afoot.


David Lindsay said...

Two Commonwealth countries among the four that scuppered the forced arrest of economic development at Copenhagen, to the fury of the US and the EU. Canada the world leader in defending jobs, wages, travel opportunities and a full diet. Splendid work being done in Australia. Is Britain getting the message?

Sir Francis said...


Well, Canada is indubitably the world leader in slavish acquiescence to the American climate-change agenda, with only Guam being (arguably) a more cringingly pliable garçon de pisse. Praising Canada for its stance in that regard is like praising a zombie for its taste in flesh: rather praise the Vodun priest.

Rest assured that if Obama had mandated an across-the-board 50% emissions cut by 2012, Harper would have harrumphed his bug-eyed assent with school-boyish glee.

Canada does not currently have a climate-change policy. We're just drifting along with the oil-drunk Calgary cartels and America’s Capitoline hacks.