Friday, 30 December 2011

Stephen Harper's Canada: Not Texas North; Alabama North

I hope you are enjoying as much as I am the civility dividends of Stephen Harper's glorious "law-and-order" crusade. Canada is so much the better for it.

Sure. Cranks may decry Canada's unprecedented gang violence and gun crime epidemic. Closer to home, obdurate Ottawa malcontents might be vexed at our record number of unsolved murders. Me, I see these events as character-building opportunities for Canadians to become the gleefully (and non-Northern European) self-slaughtering crypto-Americans our prime minister has always wanted us to be. Besides, even if this recent uptick in nihilist brutality were disagreeable, blaming the federal government for the national crime rates under its watch (when law enforcement and the administration of justice are provincial responsibilities) is precisely the kind of cheap irrational demagogy that a cheap irrational governing party would no doubt deplore after having deployed their cheap irrational demagogy against various Liberal governments, relentlessly and to not inconsiderable effect on the credulous, for a decade and a half. So, one mustn't do that.

How to explain, then, the ugliness currently underway in Newmarket?

A string of racist vandalism against a black man and his white partner has shocked a collegial Newmarket neighbourhood and pushed a couple to the brink.

The latest of three incidents happened sometime between Christmas Eve night and early Christmas morning, according to York Region police.

Rita Brown, who along with her partner, Seun Oyinsan, moved into a home this summer on quiet suburban Hodgson Dr., discovered the “N” word scratched on the hood of her car Christmas Day.

That came nearly 3 ½ months after two other attacks on their home and vehicles. During the first, on Sept. 10, swastikas were spray-painted on the couple’s garage and their SUV was defaced with the “N” word and acid thrown on the sides. Nails hammered into small pieces of wood were also left under their tires.

Most alarmingly, Brown said, police received a message. She was told it said the couple wasn’t wanted in the neighbourhood, called her a “whore” and threatened: “We will kill if necessary.”

Surely, this kind of thing has happened before--perhaps, say, ten years ago, in the days when we, almost despairing of succour, were crying out in vain to the heavens for an agent of blessed deliverance as mighty as the hand of Stephen Harper, that he might smite the evildoers and cleanse the land of their depredations. Surely, this is a recrudescence--a backslide into the Liberal Dark Age of scofflaw impunity, when the nation languished under the unrestrained twin flagrancies of murder and rapine. Or perhaps not:
Newmarket Mayor Tony Van Bynen said he was “deeply disappointed and concerned that something like this could happen anywhere, let alone in my community.”

Van Bynen spoke with the couple earlier in the fall and said he would do so again this week. In the 30 years he’s lived in Newmarket, this is the first such incident, he said.
How fortunate for Stephen Harper that he and the other chief purveyors of facile attribution of criminal acts to the federal government became the federal government almost six years ago; the kind of slander once casually launched at Jean Chretien and Paul Martin would make for a silly and uncomfortable spectacle now, especially since a link that, in their hands, was so specious, seems so much more plausible in this case.

After all, no one outside of the barking kennel of Reform/Alliance berserkers really believed that there was something inherently crime inducing about the nature of a Liberal government, a claim always immediately empirically neutralised (to the satisfaction of the reality-based community, at least) by a couple of decades' worth of steeply declining crime rates. A party willing to hazard its credibility upon the ceaseless iteration of a connection so effortlessly disproved would be sorely tempted to wonder aloud why an unprecedented racist attack would occur on the watch of a party whose founder was mentored by and received key policy advice from virulently anti-Canadian white supremacists and neo-Nazis, that employed violent racists as "security" and riding personnel in its formative years in Ontario, and that once truculently announced its opposition to "any immigration based on race or creed or designed to radically or suddenly alter the ethnic makeup of Canada".

Yes, indeed. What a relief it must be to Harper to have been elevated to a dignity that makes the performance of that oft-rehearsed Reform/Alliance idiocy impracticable. It would be a relief to me, too, if what had occasioned the suppression of that species of idiocy had not also unleashed so many others.



Peter said...

Behold, he has risen. I see you spent your sabbatical musing about the Dark One, possibly alone in your bedroom fueled by regular snorts of brandy or Red Bull. I'm not quite sure whether this post is about crime or racism, but hell, it's tagged Stephen Harper, so I'll assume both. Much as I understand how an ancient Reform Party policy document is probative to the point of conclusive in establishing the nexus between Harper and the KKK, I wonder whether these statistics trouble you--not from the perspective of casting any doubt on your principle thesis which, of course, is presented more as a self-evident axiom than an evidence-based deduction, but from solving the riddle of whether you are up against evil or buffoonery. Would you not agree that, in accepting record numbers of non-white immigrants over the course of their years in government, the Cons have proven themselves the Keystone Cops of nativism? Is his scary fundy base actually composed mainly of Mikes from Canmore? Or is it possible it's all a feint to justify closing the borders when they reach Phase III of their plan to destroy democracy? As one deep thinker on Dr Dawg's site pointed out, you need a good mix of races to ground a programme of race-baiting.

As to gangs, I salute you for raising the issue, but I am puzzled nonetheless. Throughout the debate on the crime bill, soi-disant progressive bloggers by the score howled that there was no need to do anything at all because that modern oracle at Delphi, Statistics Canada, proclaimed crime rates were falling. At the time, I wondered what possible meaning a frightened citizen in a high-crime urban area would give to the argument that there was no cause for concern because all was well nationally due to a sharp drop in non-violent crime in the Maritimes. To your credit, you have brought the issue to the fore, but I must beg for more details of the link between gang violence and the Harper "ministry". Are they enraged by cutbacks in our climate-monitoring capabilities? Is it due to his secret manipulation of municipal police services? Anger over the deficit? Delays in processing their EI applications? Or all they all lovers of parliamentary democracy steeped in Baghot who have been forced to sit by and watch closure one too many times? Can students in the social sciences expect essay assignments on how Harper's crime bill created gang violence?

Happy New Year.

Sir Francis said...


Yes, the Reform/Alliance/"Conservatives" have indeed become agnostic on the question of whether the mass importation of non-Aryans is good for Canada; that's called the "discipline of power", I believe.

They have had no choice, of course, given Canada's demographic realities: until and unless they take up Mark Steyn's (implicit) suggestion and find a productive way to subsidize Nordic fertility, they're stuck with the fruits of the Pearson/Trudeau model of immigration. But they're taking it awfully graciously, don't you think?

I must beg for more details of the link between gang violence and the Harper "ministry"...

I'm sorry to see that my over-subtle satire deceived you into thinking that I perceive such a link. Given that I'm perfectly aware (as are you) that the federal government has little meaningful impact on the nation's overall law-and-order complexion (contrary to the nonsense Manning, Day, Harper et al. have been spewing for years), I am simply left to thank whoever is the patron saint of corrupt "populism" (Huey Long, perhaps) that your friends have been spared the necessity of applying their own stupidity consistently and need not blame themselves for every crime committed in the nation.

For myself, I think the reasons behind the severe worsening of gang violence over the last decade are not difficult to identify, though doing so would merely trigger yet another dismissive chuckle about the "rapacious Yankee trader". Suffice to say that Canadian youths are not getting their Hells Angels patches and AK-47s from their local Home Hardwares, nor is the glamour of gang life and swinish anti-sociality being communicated through Corner Gas re-runs and K.D. Lang albums. I mention this in the full knowledge that "conservatives", inspired to cultural panic by violence apparently inspired by, say, Tehran or Riyadh (which is "terrorism"), are fairly comfortable with daily butchery inspired by, say, California (which is the "cost of doing business").

As to Harper's junk-law crime bills, I don't believe "progressives" object that they are too hard on gangs. I believe they argue that such civilisation-saving measures as raising the age of consent and providing harsher penalties for possession of smidgeons of marijuana fail disastrously to address law enforcement issues that matter, like gang violence.

By the way, your observation about being alone in a bedroom snorting brandy or Red Bull sound worryingly well-informed.

Dr.Dawg said...

Back en pleine forme. Happy New Year, Sir F.!

Tomm said...


I see that after all these months you have but a thin and dangerously week thread to share....

inter-racial marriage~~DWGriffith styleracism~~physicalmanifestationsofhate~~reformsroots~~StephenHarper.
With all these knots in the thinnest of threads, it took quite the mental gymnastics to put it all together.

You really should have gotten better marks at detective school.

Sir Francis said...

What's a "detective school"?

liberal supporter said...

I think either of "Big Victor Is Watching You", or "Domo Arigato Mister Roboto" (aka "Harper Coordinate!") would be sufficient to rouse SF to post.